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Demon Romance Chapter 3
As she entered through the door, inside she saw that there were only training equipments. No crazy demon was
contained in the cabin. Gratefully relieved that her wild thoughts were not true, Sango was about to leave when
a noise caught her attention. She turned around and looked where the noise was coming from, The sun light shone
through the window and she saw there was someone near a wooden post. It suddenly vanished and powerful sword
slashes were aimed at the wooden post. Then the shadow reappeared near the post. As Sango approached toward
the figure, she accidently tripped and fell close to the shadow. The shadow turned around. "Who goes there?" It turned
out the shadow was actually a boy who wore a black shirt with two sliver bands on each wrists and pants. He also held a
wooden sword. The boy somehow seemed familar. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know someone was here when I looked around." she
nervously spoke. He held out his hand. "It's alright, as long as you aren't hurt or anything.
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Demon Romance Chapter 2
Walking down the hallways, Sango and her mother together went past many doors as they continued to walk.
"Mom, you said we're going to the demon kingdom right?" she asked. "Yes, we are Sango." she replied. "We're just
going past a few doors to find the room." Sango was confused by what her mother answered. "What room?" Then
they came to a door labled 'storage room'. "Here we are." her mother exclaimed. "The storage room? Why on earth
are we going to a storage room?" she thought. As they entered the room, there, Sango saw were old furinitures,
toys, and many other household objects. "Wah! Amazing, there's so many of the old things I thought I'd never see
again." she cried out as she held her favorite old doll. "There are some things that you couldn't part with Sango."
her mother said. "Sango, please come here and help me move this old closet. Behind this closet is the portal within the
demon kingdom." With struggles and pushes, they moved the closet aside to reveal a large mirror before
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Demon Romance Chapter 1
"The snow falling gently from the sky. No cold breeze blew by. The sounds of the crunching snow beneath
my feet as I walked on through the snow like forest. Endless trees marked a lonely path toward a huge tree that stood before me"
     Where am I?
The sound of footsteps in the snow continued on as a girl in a light blue flowing, dress with a star ribbon in her hair  decorating her blonde hair. She continued to walk on till she reached to a large tree that stood tall and proudly. "This tree..seems so familiar. But where have I seen it?" she thought. A hand suddenly caught her eye and a boy came behind the trunk of the tree. His hair was ruffled, making him look like a fierce lion. His clothing was a shirt and pants that looked like of Chinese clothing. His face,
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SasukeXNaruko Doujinshi Pg 24 :iconfantasygirl105:FantasyGirl105 3 0 SasukeXNaruko Doujinshi Pg 23 :iconfantasygirl105:FantasyGirl105 3 0 SasukeXNaruko Doujinshi Pg 22 :iconfantasygirl105:FantasyGirl105 3 0 SasukeXNaruko Doujinshi Pg 21 :iconfantasygirl105:FantasyGirl105 3 0
Welcome to my art gallery =D


dark eye iris step by step :iconryky:ryky 4,310 59 Water-drop EASY tutorial :iconryky:ryky 3,014 32 Underwater Caves (Commission) :iconjjpeabody:jjpeabody 1,265 58 Underwater Ruins :iconartofjokinen:artofjokinen 929 34 Underwater :iconkiarya:Kiarya 194 11 The eastern path :iconranarh:Ranarh 457 45 Lost temple :iconteodora-chinde:Teodora-Chinde 54 4 Hidden temple :iconelnady:elnady 62 21 Temple of Knowledge :iconsaprophilous:saprophilous 123 8 Flooded Temple :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 1,334 22 Sky :icons0ggywaffls:s0ggywaffls 645 71 the sheltering sky :iconfoureyes:foureyes 2,225 479 Sky Temple :iconshahabalizadeh:ShahabAlizadeh 509 12 The Temple District :icontryingtofly:Tryingtofly 1,011 44 Forgotten Temple :icon2buiart:2buiArt 762 45 Temple :iconbyzwa-dher:Byzwa-Dher 1,189 54
I apologize for the next update or upload for the SasukexNaruto Comic and or Demon Romance series. I've focused more on the videos I placed on Youtube than on Deviantart. ><"
I am pressured for my future. Colleges, exams, grades, graduation, etc. So I don't have much time left to spent once school is back in September. I'll try as much as possible to work on the comic as much as possible.
I, thank you for your support and or enjoyment for reading my comic.

FantasyGirl105 speaking and out~

~Enjoy your summer to the fullest~
  • Listening to: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean songs
  • Reading: Vampire stories, Fantasy books, mangas, and others
  • Watching: Animes, shows that come to my interest
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United States
I'm just an ordinary person with wild imaginations of all sorts: Fantasy, mechanical, Romance, Action, even Fan-arts. I may be an anime artist, but I'm still improving in my drawing style

I'm sort of lazy in some ways, busy with various things, but somewhat active person when it comes to the Internet. I like to eat sweets ( Depending on whether it tastes good.) I do favor some shippings, whether it's normal or something else....
Also, I take interest in art-related activities or drawings, sketches etc.


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